Friday, May 21, 2010


hello everyone.
been a while since i posted ,will try and do better.Don is healing very well and in the next couple of weeks will be in a boot so he can stand for 10 min at a time...and with a walker.
I have been doing my porch for summer,still some work to do but its coming along.
going to have my friend beta and her mom over for memorial day,cook out and eat a i will make an apple salad that day too. apples,walnuts,celery,raisins, and mayo...sound good????
what are you all doing for the holiday?? and any pics of summer decorating??
if you are having a sale on your selling blog or site let me know i will post it here also...
well got to go...time to rest for evening...i mowed the yard today and cleaned house, well the downstairs...too tired to

tackle to  rest tonight..                                                                                                                            
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