Tuesday, April 13, 2010

doing much better

thanks to everyone for the prayers and support during this time....don is doing a lot better...the wound vac is working wonderfully...Sally at the wound care at  VA is a dear and really knows  her profession.She is a real sweetheart.we have grown to really like her the past couple weeks..I took him outside today to get some fresh air...I just hope he will be able to walk on it again..that worries him.I know the drs do not know how much he will be able to but hope it is some anyway.
I was so tired last night thought I was going to just cry or collapse,but had a good long talk with the Lord and that got me through.
Sometimes things of life just pile up and you don't think you can handle much more, but he said he would not put on us more than we can bare.
I trimmed the bushes in front of the house today while Don sat outside and raked all the old pine needles out...hope to plant some flowers as soon as I can. here is a pic of don the other day in his recliner.
also i have the angel ready if anyone wants to order one.
I can do her in so many ways chk her out on my site for more info.

well got to go time for his iv to be changed.and get him some dinner and the  nightly routine.thanks for stopping by and God Bless


WoolenSails said...

So glad to hear that Don is doing better and able to enjoy the nice weather. All that and you still find time to make wonderful angels. Love that piece, really wonderful for the front yard.