Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tues update

I just got back home late last night...whew I am so exhausted I could not sleep... Going back later today..well we thought he could come home tomorrow but another area on his foot does not look good...they took him to wound care yesterday and did a procedure that will be done very couple days even after he comes home...the wound will be open for some time..they used a new machine called airabella...I know that's not how it is spelled...but its an ultrasonic machine that looks like a dremel tool with a little scoop on it and  a fine mist of water comes out as they clean the wound...its amazing what they do these days...it looked so much better after they did it...he only felt it a couple times as he has no feeling so that's good in way...a tendon was drying out so they packed it with some kind of gell...I watched the whole thing...they area they are concerned about is right below his toes...the ball of his foot.so they did an mri about 7:30 last night...will know results today...
The social worker came in yesterday and they are going to get him a hospital bed for home for patients that are in bed for a long period of time.and they measured him for a wheelchair...also getting him  a potty chair and ramps so I can get him in and out of house...he has to keep his foot above his heart unless he is on potty chair...a nurse will come everyday to clean his wound and help me bath him and things like that...they are doing everything they can to save his foot and keep the infection out of the bone...once its in the bone...the nurse told me they usually end up amputating as the farther the infection goes up the bone the more of the leg they have to take off...he was really scared yesterday...and his blood pressure was really high..I have been bathing him, changing hid bedding and getting him off potty chair and all so the nurses would not have to do it...we did have a laugh yesterday...I was so tired , I made his bath water and the nurse had gotten me clean linens and such...sat the water on top of the linen can and off it went all over the floor...used all the towels and such to clean that up...made more water..I had him on the potty chair and had sat the water on the bed...he wasn't thinking and leaned his arm on it and over it went all over the ned...lol...well I had to beep the nurse and ask for more linens and towels...finally got the poor thing bathed and his bed made...the cleaning guy came in and I told him the floor was clean as I mopped it with towels..lol...
Don has 2 great surgeons...the one ...Dr Moore is the one that operated on him 2 yrs ago when his appendix ruptured...she is so sweet...Dr shin is also very nice and they both are so caring and have such good bedside manner...the nurses are so sweet...and they always joke around a bit so that makes things a little better...well keep praying...I want my hubby home..going to re arrange the living room for the bed so I can be near him I can also set up a small table and paint and paint there also...just wanted to chk in and let you all know how things are...going to take some time today and paint some finish the garden box..then start the other couple things...by for now...heading back up to hosp tomorrow...hugs Vickie

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Brenda said...

Thanks for the update Vicki! Still thinking of you both! You take care also hon or you are gonna wear yourself out and then you won't be any good for hubby!!


WoolenSails said...

I agree with Brenda, don't wear yourself out. Let the nurses do the work and you enjoy spending time with your husband. Continued prayers for you both.


Lynn @ Painting Thyme Needfuls said...

You need to take time for you too Viki...easier said then done I know...Praying for you.