Thursday, December 13, 2012


‎35 yrs ago today i married by hubby....we have been through so much together, up down, business owners , homeless, a lot of sickness and heartache, but we stuck together and took care of each other , i thank him for taking care of me and not throwing me away when i was in the lowest part of my life for over 10 yrs of our marriage. most men would have. but with the Lords help and don and my kids beside me i made it and the Lord healed me completely. I met Don at a phone booth in 1976 , i was one of the worship singers for WV Grant at souls harbor church in Toledo Ohio, An evangelist had held a revival and asked me and the organ player if we would like a job traveling and leading his worship. i though about it for a while and decided I would.even though i had a 9 month old from my previous marriage.I had just gotten divorced.I had doubts about it because of traveling with a baby and was not sure but it seemed so exciting to go all over the country and to foreign countrys i decided i would try it. My mom was in Hosp. and we could not make long distance calls on our phone so went o town and was going to use pay phone. i tried several times to call him and no answer..a handsome man in a blue cutlass pulled up to use the phone, said his secretary had paged him..he made his call and we started talking it was so hot that day he asked if i would like a soda , i said yes..i tried a couple more times to call the never preacher and no answer by that time my baby was hot and crying so had to go home...exchanged no's and that was it...never did reach the preacher, but i met my honey and a yr later we were married...he has taken care of us and always worked so hard for his family.but he always came home for dinner, he would have to go back to office but he would come home and eat with us..if he couldn't he would call and i would take the kids to his office and we would go out to eat. on the weekends he would sometimes take the kids with him so they could raid the office supply cabinet and play was also kind to his employees and was always helping them when they asked. I look at him now and see the yrs of stress and hard work on his face and how the diabetes has taken its toll the past 44 yrs he has had it. all he ever wanted was his kids to be happy and work hard. He has good and bad days he says he let me down and did not give me the home he promised me. I tell him he does not matter we have each other and God has taken care of us...we will have a reward in heaven. he is the most honest man i have ever met and that he passed on to Christi, she is so much like him..I dread the day i will not have him here, he worries about me being alone and no tell him christi will see that i get to where i have to know he is has been blessed with a long life living with Type 1 diabetes because of his love for the Lord and the way he treated people, and honesty. I love you Honey...I always matter what is ahead of us we will make it together.


Marmee's Pantry said...

Happy anniversary & Merry Christmas!!!

Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><