Friday, June 1, 2012

well happy fri to all...will be having my colon surgery in a couple weeks..i pray this will make me feel better.they are removing about 9 in on my colon, they want to make sure they get enough of it to keep me from being sick again..getting an order of plasticware done for a customer then will not be painting any more till i get better. the dr says it takes several weeks for the colon to heal but should  feel a lot better in 2-3 weeks.looking forward to feeling better so i can paint more.when you feel crappy and have an infection all the time you just don't feel like doing keep this old lady in your prayers. i know Ia m in the lords hands...hugs Momma B


NancyD said...

I'm happy that you are having the surgery so you can get some relief from the pain, Vicky! I have a lot of similar problems, I understand completely. Hope you are back at your painting as soon as you can, I miss seeing all of your beautiful work! :)