Friday, March 2, 2012

Good Teus Morning

Cock-a- Doodle- Doo!!!!
Its rainy and maybe in for some storms today, but thats ok, I am just glad to be home. Need to get my strength back..doc said i also had some blood poisoning from the colon problem...had something to do with anion gap being over the top...143...and thats also what what eating up my potassium they kept pouring into me...i feel better this morn than yesterday...i lost 8 lbs last week...not a good way but have lost almost 20 since christmas...20 more to still eating diet and drinking  a lot of water.have one dr pepper  a day....i was an addict to hope everyone is blessed today and hugs from Momma B


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MommaB said...

thanks everyone. hope you all have a wonderful memorial day...its hot