Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spiritual and Emotional Wounds?

Are you struggling with spiritual or emotional wounds? I have been lately and have heard a couple sermons on the subject and wanted to share what I have learned and have been studying.I hope this will help you to overcome the hurt you are going through.
In this  life I have found  that I am one that tends to be vulnerable to being hurt, I think it all goes back to my childhood and the sexual abuse I went through for so many yrs. and Satan knows  my weak points, which everyone has, we are not perfect.
A while back my family and I were hurt,humiliated and basically everyone we thought were our friends turned their backs on us.It was all for greed in my opinion.I felt like my heart was broken in two, I have never been hurt by Christian people before and it sure can shake your faith in your fellow man and the church as well, it has us.
I have had to really do some searching, praying and reading his word to get over this and have heard a couple sermons that have really helped me.

When someone hurts you spiritually or emotionally its devastating! Words bring life or death. In James Ch 3 it talks about the power of the tongue being full of poison and out of the mouth comes blessings or curse. When someone speaks  to hurt you, it does nothing but cause a wound  to open up,which in turn is an opening for Satan to come in and  cause even more problems to fester .You know when you were a kid and you fell down and skinned your knees,  you put a band aid on it but maybe  didn't get it cleaned really good so it just kept festering, a good word huh! The thing just would not heal, you fell on it again or as a kid will do, pick at it, so for days you got this awful scabby thing on your knee till your mom finally makes you leave the  thing alone and keep it nice and  clean till it heals, you might even have  a scar and you will always remember how you got it!
The bible says Satan is running to and fro seeking whom he may devour 1 Pet 5:8. Some people say or do hurtful things to others to make themselves look good or powerful, might be to have control over a certain situation, I am not sure how anyone that claims to be a christian cannot see the destruction they do by hurting others, but it happens. Satan is like a roaring  lion he goes forth after the weak,sick or someone that might have been wounded in the past. remember Satan knows your scars too. I know from my experience, after you have been hurt you tend to leave the church, you are a lost sheep wandering around, when the flock of the church should surround you with prayer and love, because now you are wide open for Satan to cause that wound to fester and get bigger and all infected with anger,bitterness and loss of faith.  .I heard  a preacher say, that over  in Africa the wildebeest will make a  circle around a baby or a wounded member and lock horns to keep the lions form devouring them. Wow! an animal smarter and more caring than  people! That is what the church is to do when one of the flock is  a hedge around them, pray for them. not let Satan devour them with nothing left like a lion does his prey,leaving you open for other things to creep in, like drug abuse,alcohol, depression, etc.But,  most do not, they follow along with the one or ones that speak hurt or humiliation, tearing down to build themselves up. Most for power or greed. They follow man, not the word of God.  Ezk 22:30 says, I sought for  a man among who would build a wall and stand in the gap before me, on behalf of the land that I should not destroy it. but found no one.  hedges and walls keep things out..people surrounding you with prayer and love keeps Satan from causing the wound to fester and get bigger.I love Psalms Ch 109: 22-31.My bible says its a cry for vindication.Praise the Lord! He knows all our hurts, he not only bore our physical sickness and sins but our spiritual and emotional wounds, from our childhood,from past spouses,family members and church people. Its is done, we don't have to carry it around as he already bore it for us.The word says he bore our grief and our sorrow!! Now, the one thing we have to do to be set free of the hurt is forgive,forgive, forgive.Its the hardest thing we have to do, but how can he forgive us if we can't forgive.It is something i learned many yrs ago when i had to forgive my grandfather for yrs of abuse. It was up to me either  to let satan continue to control me with hurt, depression and  all kinds of bad stuff, or forgive and let god heal it all...he healed it all. and now i have to let God heal the hurt from church people. and he is. through his word.
I studied Deut 29:3 so much the past few yrs.I go to it all the time.The secret things belong to God. I believe God only reveals to us what we can understand. we don't understand why certain things happen, its not for us to always understand ,someday i am sure i will look back and know it was for a purpose.
Until i was in my 20's I had very little memory of my childhood before age 12. I know now it was my mind protecting itself. In my 20's I started having flashbacks, but at the time I was stronger in the Lord , had my family and a good church that stood behind me. God knew the right time to reveal it all so that I could finally get it all behind me and heal. Whether its emotional or spiritual God can heal the broken. But we have to make the choice to accept it and not let Satan continue to devour us.

When you have been wounded its hard to pray sometimes, your faith has been shaken ,you feel unworthy, you want to isolate yourself from the world and or church, just what Satan had planned all along. Thats why the word says, James 5:14, if any are sick among you let them call upon the elders of the church , let them pray over him anointing  him with oil in the name of the Lord. I have heard preachers say ,pray for yourself..yes we have to do that, but sometimes you are so hurt and confused you don't know how to pray and your faith is so low you think its not even being heard. so on that note , you need others to pray for you when you can't pray for yourself. our faith is our armour of the Lord.when you get wounded it cracks and then in comes satan and does his dirty work.So we have to  stand on the rock, who is Christ,find someone to pray with you, and a church or group of Godly people that will build a hedge around you to keep you, as the sheep, from wandering away from the flock.
WORDS CAN KILL OR BRING BLESSING. be careful what you speak, you do not know the damage you are doing, if its in anger,to make yourself look good,for power or greed, you never know what you might cause  to happen in that persons life..their blood could be on your hands. What a blessing to say kind words or to praise someone rather than tear them down for your own good or to make yourself feel in control .I  have not been to church in  2 months ,but have learned a lot during these few weeks and know that God is in control, not one man or one church.he will turn what satan meant for bad and make something wonderful of it for his Glory. I will sing again and my husband will play his bass again.  I know who I am in Christ and know all things work together for good to them that love the Lord.
Matthew 5:11-12
Matthew 7:1
if you are hurting because of someone or a church that has hurt you.I pray that the Lord wrap his arms around you and show you that you are special to him, that man or Satan  will no longer control how you feel , and you will forgive, its only then that true healing comes.


Sheila said...

All I can say is Thank you!
You have know idea how timely your sharing these words have touched me.
Bless you.

MommaB said...

I hope so Sheila..I am not good at writing how i feel but had to do many hurting people and a lot of churchs just want a big social club...hurting people are to much trouble...i have had people tell me when i used to be in groups therapy how many times church people have turned their backs to them, because of a problem they is not a bed of roses.The lrod never promised would be surprised how many people are sitting in churchs today and are afraid to ask for help due to gossip and being left more alone. its sad and it upsets me.

Pamela said...

Thanks so much for sharing you pain and anguish. I shed a tear or so when I read of your childhood as I can relate to that and so much more. To many it is suprising that I survived, but even though I was only taught of a vengeful God, He had a different story to tell. Oh yes, He does avenge, but He also loves beyond our comprehension. Some times He allows travisties into lives to show others that those things do exist and how we are not to be like those that perpritate those atrocities and how His love can use that evil event to show case His glory.
I am a living testimony of that love and glory. He took me into darkness and showed me how evil works and brought me into the light to show how His healing love works. His transforming love took a damaged, neglected, abused, left to die child and turned her into someone who has compassion and empathy for those castoffs. His lesson was two fold for me. 1. that I am worthy and He loved me when I was taught I was nothing. 2. He had to use someone, why not me?
When rough times come and they will I always know that He loves me and If someone can learn through my experience, then why not me?
May God continue to bless you and guide you through this ordeal so that you can be a livng testimony of His love.

MommaB said...

that was beautiful..I often wonder how i survived as most if my teen and young adult yrs were spent in and out of mental hosp..and all that came with it.but as you when i look back i see Gods hand even in the mess and how everything worked out for his good.and how he taught me to forgive and put my trust in him and try to help others that have gone through the same thing.I pray god leads and directs you to help others and to bless you in every way...

MommaB said...

will email you today pamela..another lady is wanting to know more also so might just post it all...