Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hello everyone, been a while huh???
 Been working on Church stuff..Mostly making banners for the sanctuary and then 3 for advertising for Fall Festival.Finally done today.

I have put my site and etsy on vacation mode due to so much going on and I cannot keep up with it.Sales are bad anyway so I guess its not hurting.I need a break really bad.Will be doing things on first come first get basis.lol. will post them here so be watching.Happy Fall to everyone.Hope to get on here more too.


Angie Berry said...

Sorry your sales are slow. Have you done well with Etsy since you first started it? I've not heard too many people do so well with it. I thought about opening an Etsy shop but there were more negative things said about it than positive so I decided against it.

I'm pretty sure lots of people are having slow sales. I now the economy is causing me to curb my spending, I think it's that way with most people.

I hope you are enjoying Fall!