Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spider Bites

Couldn't sleep, too much back pain so got up.sometimes its better just to get up and sleep in recliner!!!

Has anyone ever been bitten by a spider???I have been painting all week. catching up on orders...mostly for June..LOL...I have an office chair that I sit in and I never sit all the way back in it so most of the back of my legs hang off.there must have been a spider hiding under my chair cause he feasted on my leg all day...I never felt a thing till later that day and my leg started itching and burning and was very tender...hubby looked and there were 7 welts the size of silver dollars on the back of my thigh...its taken 3 days for them to go down in size...I have been putting alcohol on them...its the only thing I can think of that would bite like can see 2 little bite marks on each that has to be it...I felt kinda fluish the past 2 days and achy wonder...all his poison going through my veins...I hope he got his sprayed under my chair and all around my painting area for me...glad it was not a brown recluse...would have been dead by

I am finally almost caught up on end of next week I will be on all orders that have been paid for...thanks goodness...trying to get some things organized to paint for fall...its never to early...
hubby was not feeling well was one of those fuzzy days for him, he did not get anything done...hopefully tomorrow he will feel better so he can work on his plane..he sees neurologist on the 8th maybe they have some betters meds he can take.

I made the best banana nut muffins the other day....mmmm moist...have some more old bananas so might make them again this week.

Hope to get to painting a chair week after next...a summer theme...and also a new idea for a breadbox...all these things in my head to do and not enought time or energy...and I orderd a new book from Perry Stone...have to read that when it comes in...and has anyone read The Shack???
you have to read it its so good...about a little girl that is missing and how the father goes back to the place she died and...thats all I am saying...can't give any of it away...but its really good, a tear was the book club pick at our church this month..well guess thats all...think i will go and read a while...its 2 am maybe can go to sleep later...hope you all have a good night and God Bless..

Good Night Danelle,I know you read my blog...Love Mom