Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Whats up??

What is everyone doing out there this spring???time for planting in your area.???Its hot here.whew...but going to cool down a bit this weekend.
I have been painting a lot but finally caught up.Now trying to do a couple new things and maybe some for myself.
I am disappointed in Mr Arlen Spector deciding to switch parties just so he hopes to win hhis re-election in 2010.Shame on you. Everything you stood for you seem to be throwing it out the window to go along with the majority of gov.And as with the president seems like its popularity is all the matters in Washington anymore..I see our freedom and way of life going away everyday as we head into Socialism.Its a shame.Our freedom of speech in church is now being taken away if the senate passes a new law, it already passed the house.Lets pray they do not pass it.If any of them have backbone to vote against it, I wonder if there are any left.
well got that off my chest...I could go on and

Tomorrow going to go to Dr appt with my daughter and then drive around town some..have to get some wood to cut out a wreath, go to store and thats about it...hope you all have a nice day.have to get to my fav blogs and see whats going on...Hugs Vickie


Nickie said...

Love your new look!
Hugs, Nickie

Nancy M. said...

I've already planted everything and am now watching it grow! So nice! It has been really warm!

Brenda said...

You have a very nice day also Vickie!! It's rainy and chilly here so still can't get to do anything with planting.