Thursday, April 9, 2009


did anyone notice i did not paint the little bell under the sheeps neck????lol...I just did this morn...its painted!!!!! i have only done that one other time...a few yrs ago i painted an annie and andy on an old suitcase of mine and one day a few weeks later I was looking at it and it hit me...forgot to paint the hair!!!!! well they still don't have hair...they kinda look cute wiht just their hats on...well the sheep did get his gold it looks better...will take pic later and post
got to go to Michaels and get a couple things...then painting a couple orders of new things...will post them here and on my site when done...but if you want one you will have to order as these are sold...
its a beautiful day here....about 67...hope you all are having a good day....and pray for our country today....seems our new govt is slipping away from its christian roots as this country was founded upon.shame on you Mr President.
I hope Notre Dame casues so much of a protest that the dean will have to back down on have the president give the commencement speech...if we do not stand up for what we belive iin our country is headed for trouble...and we cannot bow down to these other countrys as he is doing...we are not an arrogant country! We always are the first one to got to the aid of another country in trouble...europe you seem to have forgotten about WWI and my father died iin that war so you could have the freedom you have today...well i better shut up...I get going I can't stop...
by for now...Momma B