Monday, March 2, 2009

Our Snow Storm

I woke up this morning to a wonderful site...Snow...we had a storm come though NC last night and left a beautiful landscape in its path...Our first major snow in 5 yrs.Christi got called into work last night they put her up at the Marriott next door so she would be there for work today...only 2 showed up last night..She works for BB&T Bank at their processing hub...she left about 6:30 it was raining with a little sleet, by the time she got about 8 miles up the road it had turned to snow and she could not see the road..she called me several times...saw people in the ditch and once called and was having a panic attack cause all she could see was white...can you tell we are not sued to this kind of weather...well it took a little over an hr to get there and she was safe and sound...she will have to stay tonight also because by the time her works ends late at night the roads will be iced will not see her till late Tuesday night.I am going to paint today after I clean a bit...had a pkg to mail.the wreath as shown on my blog...but cannot get to UPS till wed...Our Lord sure has a way of making his creation look wonderful...I am always amazed.I have my dafodills blooming .later will go out and see if they survived. The little birds are all fluttering around the feeders this morning...I am reminded in the bible how he reminds out he taeks care of them, how much more he loves us and will take care of us..
I am also thankful today we did not lose power.Many in our area have so say a prayer for them...well better get my day started.Already had my coffee, turned on Lizards lights.Yes we have 4 ft iguana and 2 green anols...The iguana is so spoiled, he doesn't even stay in a cage.sits in a large garden window and is paper trained...he is something else...has never even tried to whip anyone with his tail, even my little dog and go up to him, he loves to be held and sneeks under Christis blankets and inside her pillow case when she is at work...well better go and hope everyone is blessed as I am...not wealthy in the world but wealthy in his blessings..


Nancy M. said...

The snow pictures are beautiful! Snow always makes everything feel so fresh and new.