Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just some thoughts

well its been a wonderful day here in nc.The sun is shining and the snow has sure was pretty for a few days.By sun we are going to be in the 70's...weird huh...I am trying to finish up a large order for a customer...and mailed a garden wreath to another one today.I have a new wreath I want to do for spring and all summer really, a garden theme also.
Have some over ripe bananas so might make some banana bread tomorrow for the weekend,always good with coffee.I also talked to my pastor in Monroe, NC today, they lost their son 2 weeks ago to a heart attack, I wrote about it in another post.even though they are about 65 miles from us I will always consider them my pastors, there is just something special about them that only comes from God as they truly love the Lord and his work. I have seen Pastor Vaught preach while he was waiting for a kidney transplant, when you could see how weak he was from dialysis, but he kept on preaching with his wife Sandra by his side and They are the type of people that are never ones to judge,but will give advice and lead you in the direction that will keep you focused on the Lord.Pastor Vaught loves to preach the word, you can just tell he truly loves the Lord and his word..Sister Vaught is one to tell you like it is, and that's what I like about her most...also fun and loves to window have had them on my mind for the past couple weeks and have been praying for that the Lord gives them comfort during this time, and ask that you pray for them too...Its the little things I think that bring back the hurt so bad. like the phone calls and emails that they are no longer getting from their son daily.I can only imagine.I know if one of mine does not call I think the worst has happened and start to panic and think what would I do if they are hurt or even I cannot tell them I know what they are going through, cause I don't, but the Lord is merciful and somehow he will give them the strength to go on. He said he will never leave us nor forsake us, sometimes we think he has, but really that's when he is the closest, we just do not always see it, cause our pain is so great it overwhelms us.
I sing a song Always There For me. and its true he is always there for us..My prayer is that in time, when they think of Richard they will smile and not cry,and remember the joy he brought to so many lives while on this earth and think of the joy he is now experiencing with the Lord.