Saturday, February 28, 2009

Going to snow

Hey ya'll...we are going to get snow...we have a winter storm watch up till Mon morn...and I have daffodils blooming and my cherry tree is budding. My sis became a grandmother for the 5th time..she is younger than me and I still have none!!!!and our kids are close in ages, mine are a little younger. 33,30,28...Oh well maybe someday...I can dote on other ones...and I do....LOL...above is a pic of my latest item i have done...if you would like one email me...59.00 + shipping...everyone have a good day...


Kath said...

Will SPRING ever get here??
I sure wish I had daffs blooming!
I'm sure you'll have those grandbabies before ya know it!! ;)
Love your wreath, so "springy"!

Have a wonderful weekend-Kath