Friday, January 16, 2009

still cold

well woke up this morning ti find we had no power.6am on the coldest night Charlotte has had in 20 yrs and no power....called electric co..and went back to bed.Woke up about 9 and called them again, said they were working on it.about 15 min later it came now getting back to my day i had planned, cleaning house. dusted my hutches, thats always a major job, and re-arranged a few any of you gals like to look at your old things and wonder where they came from and who used them??I do.I have a couple 3 ft step stools that I love..i wonder how many feet have stepped on the rungs to reach for an item in the cupboard or to maybe repair something.I have a small chair that I was told was over 100 yrs old. the paint is almost gone ,its my fav piece, came from an old abandoned barn in W VA. Traded it for a fountain i had made from an old legs are kinda short and the seat smaller than they are made today.I think people were shorter back then, but i have looked at it many times and wondered who maybe the lady was that sat in it, peeling apples or snapping post a pic of it later.I have a Carol Walcker Doll sitting on it.well will be back clean my kitchen. and then get hubby some dinner later on...hugs Momma B


Tins and Treasures said...

Oh no, no power?! A house would cool off pretty fast with temps like these...I hope you are OK now. Enjoy your weekend. Natalie

MommaB said...

it got down to 63 so not so they say we could get a little ice in the morning so that worries me...out electric co is a small co-op so their grid is not as good as Duke hope for the best,,,is it very cold where you are???