Thursday, January 15, 2009

BRRR its cold.

hey all.its so cold here in nc tonight,i feel like i am up north.I used to love cold weather, grew up in Ohio.But since living in fla. for 4 yrs and then here in nc for over 20, i am we got p early and went in mooresville to walmart and got a few things...hubby sat in truck since he is just getting over bronchitis.I then came home , fed the stray cats, we have 5 now, and started painting.I finished the bunny you can see on my new items page on my site.the kittys we feed are so pretty...they cost me about 40.00 a month to feed to but its worth it.I also love to feed the birds...i am a bird lover.I am amazed at how they survive the elements being so small, God is so great to take care of them.I watch them in wonder.I also like exotic birds.I used to have a Blue and Gold Macaw.Max that turned out to be Maxine.I hand fed him and boy as he spoiled.had him for about 3 yrs.but had to sell him after 911, cause my daughter got laid off and needed money to make her truck payment, what we do for your kids huh!!!I still cry over max, he was my baby..the vet said it was the healthiest bird he had ever seen.I took very good care of him, I know it was a girl but i knew him as max.the guy that bought him had him sexed, so found out he was a she...a very big she...he said he never saw such a big female blue and gold..sitting here crying thinking of him.Maybe someday I can have another one.I do love large birds.I would not want a blue and gold i don't think, none could take Max place, i think i would get a cockatoo or scarlet macaw...maybe and african grey..oh well...its getting late...hubby is asleep..anyone got any places I can get some sweet annie plants for spring let me know.I don't have much luck with seeds.tomorrow is house cleaning.since i painted all week need to get busy and get some cleaning everyone...stop in and say hi...